How to avoid frozen pipes this winter

Don’t get left with frozen pipes again!

frozen pipesBeing a plumber in Bradford for the past 20 years I have experienced my fair share of frozen and burst pipes caused by the harsh weather our northern winters often bring. In the case of such an emergency calling a professional plumber is always the best course of action. There are however preventative measures you can take in order to try and prevent any issues with your pipes.

  • Be sure you know where your stop valve (which controls your homes water supply) is located. They are usually under the kitchen sink but can be located elsewhere.
  • Insulate exterior walls.
  • If your pipes run through exposed or unheated areas then ensure they are properly insulated.
  • Make sure hoses and sprinkers are disconnected and properly drained.
  • Keep temperatures at a minimum of 12-15C even if you’re away on holiday.
  • Allow the warm air to rise into your loft by leaving the hatch open.
  • If you are going on holiday through the winter period it is wise to leave a key with a friend or neighbour who can check for any problems. Be sure to leave the number of a professional plumber for them to call – just in case!

If you do return home to frozen pipes then soak some towels or flannels in hot water and wrap them around the frozen pipes and call your local, professional emergency plumber. Never, under any circumstances, attempt to heat a frozen pipe with an open flame as the pipe may burst!

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